Integrating do-it-yourself technology (DIY) into the virtual learning environment

Concurrent: Rick Anderson
Integrating do-it-yourself technology (DIY) into the virtual learning environment

As virtual technologies have embraced connecting to the web, and social media, so too has DIY electronics, and physical computing.   Arduino has revolutionized the DIY physical computing movement which has allowed for low cost integration of devices like motors, GPS devices, accelerometers, temperature, and motion monitoring with virtual environments.  This session will demonstrate integrating these devices, and the hacked Microsoft Kinect with virtual environments like Open Sim, as well as adding virtual devices to a web based network of things via Pachube, Lessons learned will be shared with particular attention on how to avoid DYI (do-yourself-in)


  1. From Rick’s Twitter @rianders

    My #eld11 presentation, Do it Yourself Tech in Virtual Worlds, and how to avoid DYI., I had a blast.

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