General Session Keynote: Craig Kapp
Visualizing the Future: How Augmented Reality can empower faculty, inspire students and bring ideas to life in the classroom

Imagine being able to rotate around the solar system, navigate through a data set in 3D, and interact with a simulated ecosystem – all from the palm of your hand. With Augmented Reality, it’s possible! Augmented Reality (AR) is a technique through which 3D virtual objects can be overlaid onto the “real world” in real-time, using nothing more than a home computer or a mobile device. In this session we will explore various educational uses of augmented reality including scientific simulations, digital storytelling, assistive technology and data visualization and show how faculty members can use these tools to engage and inspire students.

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Craig Kapp · June 14, 2011 at 2:57 pm

Augmented Reality Resources:

Kirk McDermid · June 17, 2011 at 3:48 pm

The coolness was obviously there, but I’m wondering if there isn’t an important difference in terms of immersivity and engagement between the two modes of AR (“magic ?” and “magic lens”.) I can’t really see a ton of difference between the webcam-rendered stuff, and ‘regular’ animations that are completely on-screen. The only difference is the physical manipulation of the tokens… which might get erased fairly quickly (or subsumed into) Kinect-type interactions. But magic lens stuff could be used to build AR wikis from student input, make ‘scavenger hunt’ type activities…

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