Harnessing Social Networks in Your Classrooms

Featured Guest: Lisa Thumann
Harnessing Social Networks in Your Classrooms

The number of students carrying smartphones to school is increasing astronomically. Between this and the number of K-12 schools implementing 1:1 laptop initiatives, students now have a means to connect and communicate with their peers all the time. Knowing their students already use social media (ie Facebook, Twitter, etc) in their personal lives, teachers of middle and high school students are beginning to use such tools in their classrooms.  Students are improving their writing and communication skills for a larger audience.  Asynchronous learning using social media is eliminating the one-way communication between student and teacher and is leaving more time in the classroom to focus on content.  Do you know what skills and expectations these students are bringing with them into your classroom?  Whether you teach 12-year-olds or 20-year-olds, learn to harness the power of social networks to educate your digital citizens.


  1. AJ Kelton says:


  1. […] I was honored to be asked to speak at the inaugural Emerging Learning Design conference on June 3. When I first spoke with AJ Kelton about it, we decided together that speaking about how middle and high school students are using social networks in their classrooms would be a suitable topic. The assumption was that current college students most likely viewed social networks, like Facebook, differently than those having used these types of sites since adolescence. The plan was to present Harnessing Social Networks in Your Classrooms. […]

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