Countdown to ELD16

It’s not too late to join us for ELD16 and catch these amazing sessions

It’s not too late to join us for ELD16 and catch these amazing sessions:

Check out our full schedule with session description at

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The full schedule for the 6th Annual Emerging Learning Design Conference is updated and online.  Check out the fantastic sessions available at this year’s event.


Bloomfield College Students Designing Game for ELD16

The students of the Game Design Program, and the Game Design Club, at Bloomfield College are hard at work designing a game for the 6th Annual Emerging Learning Design Conference.  More details will be posted as we get closer to the conference date, but you can follow some of the groups work at their blog.

ELD16 Keywords

The Emerging Learning Design Conference uses KEYWORDS to categorize presentation sessions, instead of tracks.  We’ve found that keywords provide a greater flexibility for presenters to convey what audience might be most interested in their work and attendees a greater range of options to consider when trying to determine which sessions to attend.

The KEYWORD for the 6th Annual Emerging Learning Design Conference will be:

  • accessibility

  • assessment

  • blended learning (Sponsored by

  • collaboration

  • communities (Sponsored by

  • digital citizenship

  • digital humanities

  • diversity

  • evidence of impact

  • flipped pedagogy

  • games and learning

  • gamification

  • k-12

  • learning from failure

  • learning spaces (Sponsored by

  • learner-centered

  • learner analytics (Sponsored by

  • libraries

  • maker space

  • mobile learning

  • new literacies

  • open sources

  • problem-based learning


  • Usability


ELD Announces Theme for 6th Annual Conference: ADOPT & ADAPT: CONNECTING LEARNING TO LIFE

ELD is pleased to introduce the theme and description for the 6th Annual Emerging Learning Design Conference


Developments in technology and instructional design are now a constant for today’s teachers and learners, and we all need help separating the wheat from the chaff. Should I adopt this new pedagogical tool?  And, how?  Can I take ‘non-educational’ tech and adapt it for high-impact learning?  Can we successfully integrate tech in learning contexts with tech ‘outside the classroom’?  Can we leverage changes in modern life to support deeper learning? How do new developments in design and technology immerse students in learning, to promote enduring and continued growth after they leave the classroom?  ELD16 is the venue to muse on these questions and present your answers to a community of fellow instructors and researchers who are looking for ways to engage with the process and improve their own practice.

ELD15 Conference Materials Available

It’s hard to believe that ELD15 took place over a month ago already.


  • Want to see the slide deck from a presentation you attended?
  • What about one you didn’t get a chance to see?<
  • We’re very happy to report that nearly all of the presentation slide decks are now available at

Beneath each presentation listing, click on the word PRESENTATION and you’ll have access to the material each presenter has provided us.

We’d also like to remind you of two important dates coming up.  The 6th Annual Emerging Learning Design Conference is scheduled for Friday, June 3rd, 2016.  Mark your calendar and get that travel money put aside!  🙂

For those of you who are considering submitting a proposal for #ELD16, look for the Call for Proposals around the middle of September.  More on this in a few weeks.
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